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Augusta Residential Real Estate Closings Lawyer

Representing Buyers, Sellers and Lenders in Real Estate Transactions

Augusta Residential Real Estate Closings Lawyer | David L. Huguenin, P.C.

No matter which side of a home sale you are on, it is important that you have a qualified lawyer looking out for your interests. At the law firm of David L. Huguenin, P.C., our Augusta residential real estate closings attorneys have been involved in countless closings throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

We understand the needs and concerns of parties on all sides of these transactions, and we have the experience to protect your interests regardless of your interest in the deal. We know how overwhelming this process can be for people who have never been through it before. This can be especially true for first-time buyers and sellers. Our attorneys will be there with you at every step of the process, working to ensure a favorable, stress-free outcome.

Martinez Residential Real Estate Attorney

We have an entire staff that is focused solely on real estate closings and related matters. We have three full-time abstractors on staff, so if you need to close on short notice, we can almost always accommodate you. Our law firm, and especially our staff, is highly regarded throughout the industry. We are told continually that our staff is among the most efficient and professional to work with.

We assist clients in all aspects of residential real estate transactions, including the following:

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Contact our office today to discuss your residential real estate closing needs. We have three full-time abstractors on staff which gives us the flexibility to assist with closings on short notice if necessary. Our offices are open until 7 p.m. for clients who need appointments later in the evening. You can reach us by phone at 706-855-5000 or via e-mail to schedule an appointment.