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Real Estate Closing Checklists

Please review the following checklists for more information about what you should bring to your closing.


What you need to bring to closing:

Real Estate Closing Checklists | David L. Huguenin, P.C.
  • Photo ID (if VA or FHA loan please bring another form of identification as well).
  • Certified funds, if the amount due is more than $5000.
  • Personal Checkbook, in case the amount needed at closing changes because of the lender or closing attorney.
  • Original executed Power of Attorney (if one party is unable to attend the closing).


What you need to bring to closing:

  • Photo ID.
  • Home Warranty Information (if applicable).
  • Original Official wood and termite inspection report.
  • Copy of repair bills (paid or unpaid) (if applicable).
  • Keys/Garage door openers to the property.
  • Original Executed Power of Attorney (if Applicable).

Real Estate Agents

What we need prior to closing:

  • Signed Contract along with any and all addendums (can be a copy).
  • Contact numbers and e-mail addresses of the buyers and sellers.
  • Name and number of lender/broker.
  • HOA information (contact name and phone number).
  • Official wood and termite inspection report.
  • All payoff information and contact information for each loan. (account numbers, social security numbers for all parties involved).
  • Information for funds being held in escrow at closing (if applicable).
  • Copy of repair bills (paid/unpaid) if applicable