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Augusta Title Search Lawyer

Working to Ensure a Clean Title for Your Transaction

Augusta Title Search Lawyer | David L. Huguenin, P.C.

The title to a piece of property is legal proof of its ownership and is a critical aspect of every real estate transaction. When property is being bought or sold, a title search is performed to ensure that the seller has the right to transfer ownership to another party. Defects in the title such as liens, claims, errors, easements or debts can prevent the sale of the property from moving forward.

A title search is necessary, and typically required by the lender, to be performed by an abstractor to ensure that the seller has clear title to the property. Once clear title has been established, both the buyer and the lender can obtain title insurance. At the law firm of David L. Huguenin, P.C., we provide comprehensive title search and opinion services in Georgia and South Carolina.

Providing Thorough Title Opinion Letters

Once the title search is complete, our firm will provide an opinion letter detailing our findings with regard to the title. The letter will include a description of the property, its owners and a complete listing of any issues that we have uncovered. We conduct a nearly exhaustive search in order to provide the most complete and reliable opinion possible.

Our extensive experience with title searches has made us the first choice of title companies throughout the region. We are known for our detailed approach to title searches and the quality of our results. Whether you need information about a commercial or residential property, you can rely on us to provide everything you need in a timely fashion.

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